Cascais | Light & Shadow

‘Shape and Form.

Movement and Silhouette.

Sensation Through Perception.

A shifting transformation gliding through space.’

This is the answer of Madeleine Karlsson, choreographer, to the question: What Is Light?


‘Light Creates Reality’ was the answer of Mark Braun, industrial designer.

‘Space is oblivion without light’ said architect Steven Holl.

And there are other 106 more answers to be found in You Say Light – I Think Shadow.

Graphic designer Sandra Praun and artist Aleksandra Stratimirovic asked the question. And 109 personalities – actors, architects, designers, writers, photographers, choreographers, film makers – sent their answers, that were, then, converted into the shape of this black and white album, a wonderful composition of topic related theory, metaphors, concepts and graphic design. The spectrum of responses incorporates poetic and personal thoughts, visions, memories, definitions and stories that present, page after page, a fascinating portrayal of the essential and pervasive concept embodied, by light, in the workings of the creative mind.


The book was launched in Stockholm in 2014 and, since then, has been presented in several European cities, each time – in the shape of an installation.

This Friday, in Cascais, for the Spectrum event, part of this year’s light festival Lumina, You Say Light – I Think Shadow was revealed in the shape of a light installation in itself, as pages from the book were projected on the walls of the exhibition space.



As we could take a look inside the book, I am sharing a few other details of graphic design and words that I personally found beautiful:


The words above belong to Škart design collective.


And this beautiful definition is by Japanese actor and film-maker Eiji Okuda.


Ronald Jones, actor, writer and educator, featured an essay that opens with a quote from Samuel Beckett: ‘What do i know about the man’s destiny? I could tell you more about radishes.’


The next place to where You Say Light – I Think Shadow travels is the city of Timisoara, in Romania, for the LIGHT EDU event taking place in October 2016. And, by the way, the book is accompanied by a special series of trays having various designs that can be found in the book, as well as by this t-shirts.


You Say Light – I Think Shadow received the Red Dot Award 2015.

Sandra Praun & Aleksandra Stratimirovic
Publisher Art And Theory Publishing
ISBN 9789198087482
Idea Code 15077




All photos and illustrations are mine except when other copyright indicated.

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