Around Time in Three Quotes and One Drawing

Time is one of the most precise patterns ever invented. Still, since Einstein, it seems that the one way, linear pattern of years, months, days, hours and so on is not as strict as we usually take it, as he proved that time is relative to space – thus, elastic. And also, time is a certain type of spiral, as in time – and only in time – we evolve, and become more complex.


Time is like a freeway

with an infinite number of lanes
all leading

from the past
into the future.
But not into the same future.

A driver in Lane A may crash,
while a driver in Lane B survives.
It follows that a driver,
by changing lanes,
can change his future.

Will Holland a.k.a. Quantic, The 5th Exotic

Every once in a while,

a train leaves
to a place where
lost memories
are remembered.
But no one
has ever returned
from 2046.

Chow Mo-wan is a writer. He thinks he writes about the future but in fact it is about his own past. In the novel, a mysterious train leaves for year 2046 every once in a while, and everyone going there has the same intention – to recapture their lost memories. It was said that, in 2046, nothing ever changed. Nobody knew for sure if it was true, because nobody who went there had ever come back, except for Chow. He was there but chose to leave, as he wanted to change. But, for the present moment, the only thing he can do is:

Live for the future
long for the past.

2046 – a film by Wong Kar-wai

Time is short, that’s the first thing.

If you’re gentle, time is gentle. If you’re in a hurry, time flies. We are the creators of time, the victims of time, and the killers of time.

Time is timeless. That’s the second thing. You are the clock.

Faraway, So Close! – a film by Wim Wenders

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