A Way of Colors. Walking on a Dream. Lauro Samblas

Maximo Contraste and El Médano (photo above) are two graffiti in the area of Vila de Gràcia, created by visual artist Lauro Samblás. He focuses upon handmade collage, and explores geometry saturated with colors and the emotion that light evokes. He creates artwork, set design and styling for Adobe RemixDesigual, or Perrier, as well as graffiti and mixed media installations.

Acid Reality

How would you describe your aesthetic?

My art will take you on a magic trip into colourful dreams through geometric forms, acid reality and dreamland emotions.


Art Direction for Anaÿs La Riva

How has social media affected your work, and collage art as a medium?

We are currently surrounded by many networks of communication and visual saturation. This is positive and negative at the same time, depending how we use it. It can be waste of time and provide enrichment for the soul at the same time. In my case I use it as a canvas for my work, as a presentation of my art. Social media became has become my on going curriculum that I can access anytime, at anyplace of the world. (@hungertv)

Cut and Paste‘ Capsule coleccion by Lauro Samblás & Krizia Robustella


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