Milan. Lumio

Imagine a book that lights the book you’re reading at night.

Lumio & Stone Island @ Tortona, Milano

Imagine a light that closes exactly like your book and you can put both in your backpack and have your light whenever you need it.

That’s exactly what architect Max Gunawan thought of, and created Lumio, a lamp that looks like an agenda (with wooden covers) when closed. When opened, it’s beautiful accordion-like paper difuser allows light to glow. You can lay it flat, fan-like, or opena full 360 degrees for a classic lantern shape. And it has battery and USB chord included.


Lumio was presented at the Saloni del Mobile (Milan Design Week) in 2014 and that’s where I took the pictures. This event was also my first trip to cover design festivals for an architecture magazine but even after e few more other similar experiences I still think that Saloni is on of the best design-related experiences one can have: besides its fame and its tradition (the first edition was held in 1961) what is particular about the event is that in various parts of the city there are site-specific installations and exhibitions organised – meaning that people don’t simple show up with their products and/or rent a stand to put their logo on, but create expensive and mesmerizing installations adapted to the space they rent or to the store they have. So for about a week a year, in April, a few neighbourhoods like Brera, Ventura-Lambrate or Tortona fill with people coming from all around the world to see beautiful things – beautifully displayed.

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