Stories on Patterns & Travels

I tend to notice geometric design more than (almost) anything else. From the places I’ve traveled, I took many more pics of pavements, tiles and other graphic designs than pics of atmosphere or selfies. Here is a short collection from various cities: Barcelona, Ponta Delgada, Lisbon, Lagos, Porto, Bilbao, Donosti, Santander, Bastia, Milan, Zadar…

Lightscapes Soundscapes
Unexpected Barcelona: What You Can See on Las Ramblas
Space Pattern | Citiscapes
Thinking of Lisbon, Redrawing a Place in Baixa
Symmetry Designs
Thinking of Lisbon, Redrawing Restauradores
Wanderlust, Algarve Style: A Way to Lagos
Carrying Things Too Far, Literally: 5 Weeks on the Island of Sao Miguel
Illustration | Geometric Series | Seascapes
Blue, the Story of a Word and Some Pics from a Sailing Trip