Web | the Taste of Barcelona

The city is like a kaleidoscope. Each step, each turn, each move unfolds a new image, a new vision, a new story. The Taste of Barcelona is a tour that highlights some of the many facets of this kaleidoscope.


The logo of the Taste of Barcelona is actually a collection of local patterns – the Modernist pavement of the streets, some ceramic tiles from the restaurants of the tour, the specific broken tile mosaic of Catalunya (trencadis), all of them turned into an organically shaped background, a kind of watermark to hold the lettering.
The colors of the identity design come from nuances we find on the plates: the soft yellow of cured Manchego cheese, the red of the jamón ibérico, the green of coriander, the light purple of the saffron used in paella, as well as the light blue as symbol for seafood.

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